Docker Containers for Development

Running using Docker Compose is pretty straight forward once Docker is setup on the current machine.

With several tutorials about Docker like here:

What is Docker and How to use it with Python
How to set-up Laravel, Nginx and MySQL with Docker Compose

Why use Containers?

– Faster Development for Starter and Developers
– Bundled Apps to one Image
– Uniform Server Image and configuration files.

The Benefits!

Productivity in testing and development
Fast delivery of new codes bundled.

We have compiled our own starter file Docker and Docker Compose  here. And hopefully to add more.

But first make sure you have Docker and Docker Compose running. Currently  we are using:

`$ docker -v ; docker-compose -v`
Docker version 17.03.2-ce, build f5ec1e2
docker-compose version 1.23.2, build 1110ad01

And when you are up into a new project, for sure, there is a Docker image available for you to use, or probably you can build one too.

Start Dockerizng. Need Help?